Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nutella 3 Ingredient Brownies

Thanks to Pouty Pink Princess for bringing this recipe to my attention
& Savory Sweet Life for posting it! :D

Nutella Brownies
3 ingredients & a hand wisk!

1/2 cup Nutella
1 large egg
5 tablespoons flour
(I omitted the nuts in my recipe for my father's diverticulitis.)

• Preheat oven 350
• Wisk together nutella and egg until mixed
• Wisk in flour until mixed
• Drop by the tablespoon into 12 - 15 mini baking cups
• Bake 11 minutes until toothpick comes out with moist crumbs
• Cool and eat!

They are adorable!
I got a lovely crackle layer on top like you get with super yummy brownies.
My batch made 15 minis and I calculated the calories to be 65 a piece. :)
I will be making these again soon - they are so EASY!