Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cake Pizza!

April Fools Day just happened to coincide with Pizza Night at my house, so I had to make a foolish pizza.

Mashed potatoes are the secret to the frosting...

Complete with Pepperoni Roses...

And cooked up to perfection!
I wasn't sure how it would look when it came out of the oven.

Sure did taste good too! And way less sugar than a traditional cake, perhaps a bit more fat though.


  1. It is a work of art and quite beautiful!

  2. Now that is a pizza! You could go into business with designs like this! Wow! Love the pepperoni roses! How did you do that? Did they stick together or did you have to use toothpicks?

  3. Julie - Thanks! My ultimate dream is to open a café.

    One pepperoni is cut in a spiral and twisted around for the middl...

    And another pepperoni gets a slice cut just in the center to stick the twisted one into!

    The mashed potatoes helped keep them together with out toothpicks. :D

  4. Definitely different but looks yummy! :)