Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Fries and Hamburgers

I'm a prankster...

but after a particularly vicious April Fools involving Handsome and a Vaseline fight, we have agreed not to prank each other.

But I can still prank my friends & coworkers!

This years' plans revolve around food, as per usual.
(Past years have included garlic maple chocolate chip cookies & chocolate covered bacon.)

I'm visualizing slider hamburgers and french fries as a nice April Fools treat to bring in to work.

The hamburger sliders are a classic from my childhood.

The french fries are making the rounds online & I'm including nifty little wax paper origami bags too. (Yeah, those didn't happen 'cause I ran out of steam last night.)

Wanna bite?


  1. I use to be a prankster, too, but keep a very low profile, when it comes to April fools. As cute as these titzy burgers look, I'd rather have a cup cake, under the covers or not, to be honest! :o)

  2. @Patsy - Thank you!

    @ JJ - I must admit, I prefer cupcakes to these little hamburgers... and as for under the covers, well... you better have a good fun time licking up all the frosting!

  3. What in the world are those made out of? And as for April Fool's Day, having the name April has not been to my atdvantage these last 28... I mean 38 years!! I try not to even alude to the fact it is coming up!!

  4. Nilla Wafer Cookies and Chocolate Mint Grasshopper Cookies! :D And a belated happy birthday to you!!!!

  5. Thank you mam! My bday is actually in October, but being named April all these years, the month of my birth has not mattered one iota when April Fool's day rolled around!! And you really out to be on some cooking show on cable. Those are AMAZING!!