Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oreos - Marketing Fail Rant

I grew up with Oreos. My father's favorite cookie!

With new flavors constantly coming out, its hard to keep up. But Oreo is not necessarily helping itself!

Example One: Birthday Cake Oreos

In celebration of their 100th birthday, you can buy Oreos with a birthday cake flavored filling.

Only problem is, they have birthday branding on the REGULAR Oreos too! And with an oscillating number of Oreo flavors currently on the market, these cookies need to stand out like a flaming candle. Perhaps LED lights next time... fiber optics... glow sticks... glow in the dark ink? Please?

The Canadian (?) packaging does a much better job of making this flavor stand out and appear extra special, even showing off the sprinkles in the filling!

Example Two: Coconut Delight Oreo Fudge Cremes

It was pure luck that I popped these delicious cookies in my cart. The woman loading up her groceries behind me had them and I can't resist coconut.

Along with the bazillion flavors, Oreo also has quite a few different FORMS, shapes, avatars... whatever you want to call it. Most people are familiar with double stuffed, but a new incarnation is the Fudge Cremes.

Kudos to Oreo's marketing department for being consistent with design elements but FAIL on shelf display. Put ORIGINAL next to COCONUT DELIGHT while pack in a dizzying array of other flavors all around and you get --- nothing.

The design is TOO consistent. The Coconuts are even the same colors as the "naked" Fudge Creme = low visual impact.

Like the birthday theme, at a passing glance (which is all you are going to get when you give us this many cookies choices!) the sand and palm tree just make me think summer marketing.

Thank God the Oreo display was right next to the checkout or I would have missed these tasty Oreo treats!


  1. Now they have candy corn Oreo's Get back to basics Oreo!

    1. Have you tried them? I wonder if they taste like candy corn or just have pretty colors inside.