Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oreo Cupcakes

Placeholder pic taken with my cell phone. Forgiveness, I beg you.
My inspiration: I adore cookies and cream ice cream (Thank you, Dad!) and had a half open bag of mini oreos.

My intent: Chocolate cupcakes from a box & homemade "Oreo" frosting

Disaster! Who forgot to put chocolate cake mix on the shopping list? *sheesh, it was me*

Resulting Recipe:
1 box white cake mix (follow the recipe on the box)
Oreo crumbs (to taste)
Bakerella's Cookies and Cream Frosting (thanks Sugar on the Brain!)

Tweeks for the Future! Less sweet frosting. Don't get me wrong, this "little baby loves shortening, shortening" but that was just too much sugar.

I've tapped two alternative recipes with the potential for great taste with out the sugar punch: Kirby's cravings has a lighter frosting cum filling recipe along with Pastry Girl who uses whipped heavy cream & chocolate wafer cookies (which I have a heck of a time finding!)


  1. Oh my! Those look tasty. I have to go get something sweet to eat now. darn you! :)

  2. You don't have a stash in your desk?!

  3. So this is how you eat your Oreos, huh? I've heard tell that many a lover of those cookies would tear them apart and start with the sweetness inside.

    Oreos aren't such a big thing here in the UK, but those cupcakes look very scrummy!