Monday, September 12, 2011

Gluten Free Cupcakes

A coworker with milk allergies prompted the arrival of French Meadow Cupcakes today (both gluten and milk free).

Side Note: Strangely enough, they do not list the cupcakes in their product directory but DO have a picture of them promoting coupon usage.

Upon further inspection, I determined I could not resist the shiny vanilla frosting. Taste testing concluded the following two things:

1) The frosting is extremely sweet and reminiscent of your favorite childhood "Vanilla Icing" lip gloss.

2) The cake part is not so sweet and more a combination of muffin and twinkie.

My gluten (and milk) free treat was enjoyable but nothing compared to the fluffy indulgence of a yellow cake mix cupcake with canned vanilla frosting on top.


  1. I live four blocks from French Meadow...

  2. Sounds pretty yum. But give me that yellow cake mix cupcake, I must have one of those. Here's me wishing I had some cake mix now...

  3. There's some things I know I shouldn't have, and some things I probably should avoid... but if I like summit, I'm gonna have it from time to time, and suffer the consequences ;o)

    Thanks for the suggestion about alternative treats, though!