Monday, August 29, 2011

Enya in my head! Sail away, sail away...

I love sailing. It's a taste I acquired in childhood.

As an adult, I haven't sailed in many many years... and I'm not sure I remember how.

My parents are willing to let me borrow their precious boat, Dragonfly. I call it FIREfly because it caught on fire the first time they sailed it (No worries, just electrical. It's not a bad omen or anything. Nah, not with the way we sailors are... no one ever calls us superstitious. *Insert eye roll here*)

So despite possible parental disapproval & endangering the life of myself and my husband (and anyone in our general water vicinity)... I am contemplating an attempt to glide serenely over the soothing waters once again.

But how?

• Launch with outboard motor (Hubby can handle that.)
• Point the nose into the wind (Reference nifty little arrow at the top of the mast.)
• Unfurl the sails!
• How do I get into the wind now?
• Attempt to sail (Better choose a rather calm day for this.)
- specifics: something about roped and a boom and tacking... shoot. See, kinda fuzzy here.
• Once husband is suitably seasick or skereed of potential drowning, point into the wind.
• Take down the sails.
• Motor on in.

Hummmm... Did I forget anything important? I'm pretty sure I did.

Guess I'll just hitch a ride with the 'rents and enjoy ignorance.

My Sister, Mom and Dad


  1. LOL! Funny! I thought you were leading to some tragic end! Looks like fun!

  2. I'm watching sailors sailing outta me window just now. Not so much fun, but easier on me limbs. As for Enya... truely wonderful hypnotic music to sail away to the best of dream shores!

  3. Hey girls! I love to sail.. and really enjoyed the rare time with my family.

    JJ - what the heck happens to your limbs when YOU sail?!