Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration from the Jaffa Cake

During dinner with my parents, my father proceeded to rave about a cute little cookie he found at our local German grocery. He even made us eat one (Handsome did NOT like the orange jelly part).

Jaffa Cakes
They appear to have a base of thin sponge cake,
layered with orange marmalade,
and covered in dark chocolate.

So, being the good daughter that I am, 
I attempted a similar creation in my kitchen.

Membrillo Cakes
(Just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)

• Start with the Hot Milk Sponge Cake recipe from Better Homes and Gardens

• Partially fill cupcakes with batter

• Bake & cool

• Thinly slice Quince Paste (A favorite of mine ever since I went to Argentina!) and layer on top of sponge

• Totally wing it with a made up ganache recipe
- simmer approximately half a cup of milk with half a tablespoon of butter 
- Add a little over half a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips & stir once 
- Remove from heat, cover and ignore while reading a chapter in your favorite book 
- Whisk smooth & pour over top of cakes

• Refrigerate (Sticky goodness, you have been warned.)

They aren't the prettiest for photos but I'm anticipating a major yum factor tonight when I bring them to my parents'!

In the end this was a FAIL • I am a BAD daughter and totally forgot about Dad's diverticulitis and the crushed seeds in the quince paste. *la sigh* The overall flavor was pretty good, but the light and fluffy sponge cake was overwhelmed by the rich toppings.


  1. I've had gf jaffa cakes (sent by a friend in the UK) and just didn't take to them.

  2. The Jaffa part is a funky jello consistency... odd.

  3. I think I will try these again in the future - with a different filling of course! :D

  4. How do you do it? I barely feed myself (and then mostly microwaveble stuff). You really need to be on TLC. Do you have that over there?

  5. Thanks! LOL, yeah we got TLC... though I haven't watched it in forever.

  6. I don't like Jaffa Cakes, either. These look more scrumtious... Yummy!

  7. This all looks yum! And, now I want a sweet of some kind, and my house holds none. Bummer that.