Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Road Trip! VT & ME

May 25th was our 10 year anniversary!
And we went on a half-assed (minimal planning) road trip.


Start • Sterling, NY:
Head northernly on a beautiful sunny day through scenic upstate NY.

Lunch • Lake Placid: 
Wander around the shops and have lunch at the Big Mountain Deli and Creperie. No crepes for us, but I had turkey, brie, & honey mustard on a basil roll (HUGE and Yum!) and he had a BLT with Salmon.

Saw some pretty blooming trees on the street and the hotel hubby stayed at for a conference earlier in the year. On the way out we drove past the MASSIVE ski jumps.
We are planning on coming back on a mild winter weekend to watch the crazy athletes!

Evening • Burlington, VT (Lake Champlain):
Wander into the Hampton and ask for a room only to be WOWed with a discounted rate AND a view of the Lake! See the sun setting and hubby smirking 'cause he knows his face isn't going to show up.

By 8pm we are settled and refreshed from the driving and head out in search of dinner. OMG! On a Thursday night this town is hopping. Plenty of people to watch, live music to hear, and a street full of shops and restaurants to peruse (closed off to traffic too!)

We pick Sweetwater's for dinner, I order the sesame encrusted tuna. Even though the busy night kept us at the table through dusk, we got to witness a wedding proposal (from a distance) and just be silly and fun together (see pics below) which had nothing to do with my Mimosa and subsequent Dark and Stormy (Ginger Beer & Dark Rum).

A leisurely walk back to the room and we settle in for the night.


Start • Burlington, VT (Lake Champlain):
We opt for a late start and give ourselves 'til noon to get outta town. That means a walk (it was hubby's idea) to the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. "It's only 3 blocks" ( I have blisters to prove these flats aren't made for walkin'!)

We arrive at 9am on the dot as they opened up and even though no tours were scheduled 'til 11am, we still bought a couple chocolates (espresso cup for me, coconut for him) and sat at the tiny tables to watch the factory. 

On the walk back we pass the Metal & Light Workshop just opening it's doors as we take pics of the awesome sign sculptures (no time to go inside, and besides - none of that stuff would fit in the car to take home!) 
Turns out the rhino has sneakers on his nose because of a marathon that weekend (we left before it.)

Lunch • Inbetween, On The Road (New Hampshire?): 
I'm craving a slice of pizza (it is Friday) and we stop at Mr. Pizza, but the pie is thick and burns my mouth. I also go out on a limb and test the Bloody Mary (not my style). Back on the road again!
Evening • Maine:
We initially targeted Bangor for our night stop but the place was not living up to our previous adventures! So, we push onward and skip over Augusta to settle in Portland. It's dark but promising. This Hampton is at 95% capacity and finds us a room but refuses to offer any discounts (AAA included) but I manage to get them to waive the valet fee.
Being our anniversary and all, I'm not feeling the bar scene but at 10pm food is scarce. Lucky for us Fore Street is still serving and ROCKS! An open kitchen, super fresh food, and a dark atmosphere almost makes up for the strange laugh of our waiter. We opt for whiskey on the rocks and a rum and coke (they didn't have long islands!) and appetize ourselves with pork belly. Wow. Rich, crispy and served with tiny mushrooms and a vinegary side slaw that cuts the grease beautifully. Hubby opts for the seared scallops and I try duck for the first time ever. Wow again. At first I thought the had mistakenly given me the steak. Meaty and rare, the only hint of gamey was at a tiny spot "well done".

We pay the bill and head back to our room for dessert and anniversary card & kiss exchange. Hubby pops the top of the Montezuma Pintail sparkling rhubarb wine my Dad gave us. He gives me a sweet card (that I will cherish always) and I make a fool of myself via video singing our wedding song. Awww xoxo <3


Start • Portland, ME:
Another leisurely morning wandering the streets in the daylight! We find a cute little place to have breakfast and people watch before bagging some designer popcorn from Coastal Maine Popcorn Company (Wasabi Soy and Blue Cheese Buffalo Wing) and my souvenir anchor scarf and hitting the road again! Pssst, watch out for the Langoliers!

Evening • Chicopee, MA: Driving down the coast of Maine, we hope for a nice place to stop and enjoy surf and turf. We pass through New Hampshire (again) and hopscotch through Massachusetts but roll the dice on Glouchester and pass by to check out Rockport but it is crazy busy, so we cruise on by and start the long drive home finding a clean hotel just south of Albany. 

We end up making the most of the night with a stop to pick up some Moonshine Cherries and sweet red wine to go with our pizza. A night in watching the food channel, I can feel home approaching. 


Start • Chicopee, MA: Debate heading to the butterfly observatory but just go home and make good time arrive at home base in the early afternoon. Gives me the afternoon to decompress and holiday Monday to garden!

Another successful road trip with many more places to visit:
• Boston • Portland • Burlington • Lake Placid .... See you on the road!

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