Friday, April 20, 2012

Edible High Heels

My friend and co-worker Todd, showed me these cuties online a while back. He knows I love a challenge!

I learned quite a bit in the making of these, I don't know if I will ever attempt them again (probably if they were requested by a friend).

You Will Need:
• Decorative cupcake liners - optional
• Naked cupcakes - flavor of your choosing
• Sugar cookie dough - rolled and cut for "soles"
• Frosting to match the cupcake liners
• Rolled wafer cookies for the "heels"
• Melted chocolate for glue
• Various props for supporting the drying heels - shot glasses, marshmallows...

First, I baked up a batch of firm cupcakes (from scratch). I admit the firm wasn't on purpose, but I'm not sure if a moist and spongy cupcake will be able to support the cookie sole.

My sugar cookie sole is just a pattern out of cardboard that I tried to make proportional to the cupcake toe. No fancy shapes on this first test run.

Baking is done. On to assembly.

Attaching the heels to the soles was the most difficult part. Estimate the angle and prop for drying or you can get super fancy and use marshmallow supports.

While your heels dry, frost the cupcakes. I ended up cutting a little notch out of the top to allow the sole to rest. I tried to match my pretty cupcake liners too.

Line up your toes, soles and heels and add a few finishing touches! I am especially proud of the bows at the back of the soles.

Transporting can be tricky. The first batch got fancy marshmallow anti-skid heel supports for the ride in my cake carrier (above) - but using the cupcake pan proved the easiest (below)!

So pretty on a silver platter. :) Eat your heart out Cinderella.

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