Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brainstorm with Honeycomb

No, not the Android OS - I wish I was that geeky smart.

My father in law farms honey on a hobby scale but can't seem to sell the honeycomb. No one knows what to do with it and I think they are a little afraid to eat it.

In the past I have combined a slice of dripping honeycomb with something savory, like an corn empanada. Yum! Seriously.

So my brainstorm is.... Honeycomb Tartlets! A nut based tart shell - not sure what to put on the bottom, maybe unsweetened cheese cake - with a sliver of honeycomb on top.

So the tart shell will catch the ozzing honey, the tartlet size will make them easy to just pop in your mouth, and the nuts will add salt to contrast the honey sweet AND crunch to help with the strange sensation of eating the beeswax.

1 comment:

  1. When you say honeycomb, I think of the chocolate bar "Crunchie". Not one for honey, as such, but love honey roasted peanuts and wouldn't roast a chicken without coating it in honey first!

    Gonna go drool meself away, now... Always a treet reading your pages, Miss Sweet!