Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Husband Bashing

It's not what you think, but it still sucks.

I got a text at work asking me to pick up extra large gauze pads on the way home.

No other explanation, except for this picture.

Handsome got into a fight with a grinder: hand-held, high-speed, round spinning blade of metal (diamonds, if you're lucky) sandpaper.

O. M. G. It looks like the possibility of glistening intestine is high!

Luckily, he merely attempted to reveal his abs the quick and painful way, by removing the layer of fat above.

*sigh* He got his hands too... Don't you love the masking tape holding everything together?

There is no way I would survive children from this man...


  1. Dang that looks painful! Be glad he didn't use duck tape!

  2. LOL - I'm sure I will be playing nurse and replacing it with something much prettier when I get home from work tonight.