Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vomiting Money

Handsome is moving up in both his careers; traveling construction & local politics.

This entails me being the supportive wife, both emotionally and financially.

BUT I love love love giving him stuff. :D
I love spoiling him.
I love pretending to be his sugar mama. *wink*

So my gift is his happiness...
And his gifts are:

A new wardrobe of suits, ties, shirts, shoes

Strangely enough, no new socks or undies in there.
God he is so freaking hot in fancy duds!
I mean, he makes my motor run when he comes home all grungy and working man dirty too BUT this is a whole new level.

A Blackberry Torch

I got a new phone a while back, now he wants one.
Go figure, envy at its simplest.
He rationalizes with his need to constantly be available both on the phone and via email for his political contacts, but really–straight up techno lust.
But I'm cool with it. I'm getting an Iphone as soon as I can justify it.

A 2011 VW Golf TDI Diesel 6 speed Manual

He's been named Klaus.
Dual purpose purchase (or more).
Handsome's previous ride was a beater, no way around it.
And NOT reliable.
This beauty will allow him to be on time to his various political commitments AND carry him safely to his out of town construction work.

A Kennith Cole Leather Briefcase

He has good taste. This is for his political papers and his laptop (see below)

A Man's Umbrella

Not kidding. The tag clearly stated "Man's Umbrella".
Handsome assured me it was a reference to the width and had nothing to do with the length of over an impressive 3 feet.
Non collapsable, of course. Why be practical when you can flaunt the length of your umbrella with every step?

A Macbook Air

The size of a netbook but twice as expensive, BUT the cost is worth it for the way he DESTROYS windows machines!
This purchase is another dual use. It will be both useful during political meetings AND keep us in touch nightly while he is working out of town.

It's just money, right?


  1. Yeah... Just money, but me finks it can make a person miserable in comfort!

  2. How does Mr. Handsome like all of his new toys?

  3. He is having a grand ol' time. He got himself all gussied up and sworn into his new political position last night. Looked real nice!